Thursday, November 6, 2008

Change We can believe in

This Election will remain testament to the fact that American people still cherish and share principles and values of their Constitution. A Constitution which had been protecting the freedom, equality and prosperity of its people. Purpose well served by a Constitution which is more than 3 centuries old.

India has lessons to learn and need to observe America more closely. India may survive if it follows destructive American Capitalism but it will not last another decade if we do not learn from our partners in Democracy and its people and the unity shown to overcome deep-rooted prejudices. Who could have imagined 60 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed, an Afro-American, will become the chief executive of the most powerful nation on the planet.

India is a novice nation which is trying to find its place in these uncertain times. A world's largest Democracy has failed to inculcate the values and principles shared by our founding fathers. Gandhi once said ' Parliament is not sovereign but its people, laws passed by the Parliament is a mere courteous ratification of its peoples will'. These values have been lost or should I say annihilated by our current deep rooted divide between its communities and castes. Communal violence is at its peak when Hindu extremist groups turn Christian houses and Churches to ruins and publicly burn a disabled child, a 'Convert Christian'. Our middle class population is indifferent to blasts from Assam to Delhi. the only reaction to these blasts are a couple of tears from an over-sensitive middle class family. Media's coverage shifts from reporting the incident to formulating theories on who is behind the terror blast. Prime Minister to a local councilor, issues statements condemning blasts.

'WE the people' first three words of the Preamble to the world's largest Constitution has failed to serve its purpose. WE need to unite against these threats to our nation, not by targeting the other side, but working together for a better future. Middle class needs to own up to its duty to act and Vote. WE need to get these politician to work for us. WE need a government which unites itself first and then its subjects, a government which inculcates Nehruvian ideologies. Hence, WE need to change. With that India can find its rightful place in these volatile times.

As Purna said 'purse-based' issues dictate voters. May be, we will see this in action when India goes to Polls next year. I am not too optimistic on social attitudes or customs which will dictate a voter to vote for the right candidate. Castes, religion, minority politics will again dictate Manifestos of political parties and real issues, real enemies of India will not be dealt with yet again. I can not do anything except to vote and hope for a leader that will unite this centuries old country and bring the 'change we can believe in'.