Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A genuine discussion

"Front page The Times of India......people, your so called seculars chant slogans of pakistan and say ..... hindustan murdabad, jeering the country that they live in, that provides them food, that provides them with all....People hate these traitors because in times of need while people in other parts of the country at least hold peace demonstrations these so called 'secularists' of yours foment more trouble by granting access to militants.I am ashamed to be a part of a country where these people murrder my brothrs and sisters in blasts and the like. Every single day in mosques across the country these people are told to vehemently murder hindus, jews and chrisitans, fomenting a non-justifiable violence against innocent women and children. Surely men of courage would know to negotiate rather than support countries that want to bring dis-unity to us.But then again some people, like you my friend, obviosuly have never experienced the shame or pain of seeing your own country men die.Jai Hind"

"If you love your country and are a patriot, then you shall Not be afraid to speak the truth.Bharat mata ki jai ho!as for facts, remeber there were 56 pilgrims who were torched by islamic fanatics in gujarat. Repercussions are bound to ensue. Yes the state could have better managed them and what happened was totally uncalled for. But was nonetheless a repercussion to an earlier equally gruesome and heinous act of evil.Shows how cowards operate, doesn;t it? to hide behind and attack innocents. A man of courage and conviction does not.And by the way as far as negotaitons go, it takes two to tango."

I say:-

you are again looking at things from a general prespective. How can you discount the fact that we have been ruled my emperors like Akbar and Hindus have been in minority. So do not commit the crime of generalising muslims and madrasas.With the same token Shiv Sena is well justified in calling for hindu terrorist squads. I am sure that it is a well justified call for killing more innocent people. How can you see things White and Black.Many of my dad's employees are Muslims, who are wonderful craftsmen, equally agree that Terrorism has no religion. Once we start looking thaings from the communal prism things turn ugly and this is precisely you are doing. Do not be aroused, but must think logically and see who is at fault rather than which community. If you do embrace a united India do embrace its second largest community. I believe Terrorists have succ. in its motive to grow this hatred which is to culitvate in people who are driven by a strong passion towards its community rather than India. I am not saying that you shall not make your community a part of your identity but you need to be tolerant and not extrimists.

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